Thank you for visiting my postpartum doula web site.  This is a wonderful way to introduce myself to you and provide information before we meet.  Here you can read , hear a , read the , have an answer to and an explanation of what services I provide in your home.  Learn how interact and the just like you who decided to add me to their new baby postpartum plan.  My favorite section of the web site are all the I have had the privilege to provide care for, hold, and rock to sleep.  Please honor me with an e mail, call or text so we may meet and plan you postpartum doula schedule together.

As your I will find a way of caring that brings out the best in you and your baby. It is my goal to empower women and families with the knowledge, confidence, and skill necessary to begin the most important job in the world, parenting.

I feel that with proper support, encouragement, and education, your family can make informed decisions regarding the care of your baby. I offer a listening ear, a guiding voice and an extra pair of hands to the new mother and her family. Make your most special experience the best that it can be by adding a postpartum doula to your new baby plan.


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