Please give Christine a call at 813-956-3996 to request references. Below are some comments from past clients.

Baby - Christine Moss, Doula in Tampa, FloridaMother:
Christine was fabulous.  She went above and beyond in assisting me with the transition of an infant in my home.  She even helped me with my one month old infant pictures.  If she had not already had a prior commitment with another family I would gladly continue to use her services.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  I highly recommend Christine Moss as a post partum doula!


Baby - Christine Moss, Doula in Tampa, FloridaMother:
I had concerns about breastfeeding before hiring Christine because I was unable to breastfeed my 2 previous children.  The service Christine provided to our family was very supportive and positive.  I could not have achieved successful breastfeeding without her help.

My husband said, “Knowing Christine would help my family made me feel relieved.”  He also said he was so glad Christine could help my wife with successful breastfeeding.


Baby - Christine Moss, Doula in Tampa FloridaMother:

Christine was very helpful in being my postpartum doula.  This was my 3rd child to have but with my last two experiences I knew that I needed some help after the baby was born.  I really wanted to breastfeed and with my other two children breastfeeding hadn’t gone smoothly and I wasn’t able to do it as long as I wanted.  Christine came to the hospital the first day she was born and helped me get a good start with breastfeeding.  She then continued to come every few days the first two weeks.  When I cracked, like I had the other two times, Christine helped me work through it and now I am successfully breastfeeding without any problems.  She also helped with me duties around the house and even picked up some much needed items for my recovery at the store when I was really struggling with an issue.  She was there to support me in anyway and I am forever thankful for the support she provided me in the first few weeks post delivery.


Twin babiesNewborn Twins – Mother:

Christine was a godsend.  She came to help out when my family left.  My family had been here for two months and then it was me all by myself with two month old twins and a 2 1/2 year old and a husband that was working all the time (he had just started his own business before the twins birth).  Christine was the needed extra pair of hands.  One of the twins either had colic, a milk protein sensitivity or silent reflux.  Christine was able to help soothe him.  She worked with both twins on tummy time, play time, helping me to get them on a schedule.  She was also great with my 2 1/2 year old.  My 2 1/2 year old still asks for Ms. Christine!


BabyMother: With no family nearby and a husband who travels for work I knew I would need help once our son was born.  Right from the beginning Christine was an amazing resource in educating us about breastfeeding and how to work with the specific nuances of our new baby.   She was also very helpful during the first few weeks with things around the house.  A few months later we took a weeklong trip in which our baby, who was over stimulated, slept more and ate less.  This altered our nursing routine and when we got home my once well nursing baby started reject nursing.  In an effort to keep him fed I began pumping every time he needed to eat.  Within a couple days my milk supply had dramatically diminished and pumping even a small amount of milk had become extremely time consuming.  I was home alone with the baby and had been pumping literally day and night for our normally cheerful baby who was quickly becoming a fussy baby because he wasn’t getting enough to eat.  I called Christine desperate and in tears thinking I was not going to be able to exclusively breastfeed him any more.  She was able to come by that afternoon identify what the problem was and get us immediately back on track, all while being a reassuring and comforting presence that I really needed.  Within a couple of days my milk supply was back to normal and we were both much happier.  I highly recommend Christine as your postpartum doula – she is a kind, loving and trustworthy presence who has tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge that will only enhance your transition with your new baby.  She is a fairy godmother doula all wrapped up in one!

BabyMother: When our second baby was born, Christine came to us as a gift from a family member who had previously benefited from the use of a postpartum doula.  At first, I wasn’t sure whether I really needed her services as this was my second child and I thought I pretty much had the hang of things.  Christine was able to show me new tricks about babywearing, calming a fussy baby, and breastfeeding that I hadn’t known the first time around or had forgotten.  She was a great help with our toddler… assisting in helping him learn about his new little brother and giving pointers on discipline and potty training.  I have never allowed anyone other than family to watch my children before and was a bit nervous about allowing a stranger into my home, but Christine put me at ease very quickly and my toddler warmed up to her by the second visit.  It was so great having another set of hands so that I could focus my attention on bonding with the new baby for part of the day and also spend time with my older child so that he didn’t feel left out.  I would definitely recommend Christine’s services!

BabyMother: Christine’s support with our newborn began when she arrived to spend the night.  My friend explained to me about the help a postpartum doula could provide, so I called Christine.  My mother was returning home and my husband would be out of town that night.  I hired Christine to come and spend the night so I could get a good night sleep.  I sleep for 8 hours and she was such a lifesaver.  I would definitely use her again to avoid exhaustion and get a good nights sleep when I need it.

New baby in Tampa
Mother: Christine was extremely helpful and able to provide support in almost any capacity I needed. She carefully researched a medical condition I had and made sure to make the most of the 4 hours I had her here. She will go out of her way to help your family and she is very thorough in her evaluation of your families needs. I would recommend her to anyone needing help.

Father: Relieved that we had someone reliable. She helped us learn valuable techniques. She was very helpful and provided very valuable advice that helped with the challenges of having a newborn. She was very good with the baby.

My mommy called Ms. Christine to spend the day with me in Tampa before Mommy went back to work. I needed some help learning how to soothe myself in the crib and fall asleep without crying for an hour. I wouldn’t take a bottle of my mommy’s breast milk from anybody. When Ms. Christine left my mommy was so happy because I drank my first breast milk bottle from Ms. Christine.

Also, my mommy needed some information on pumping, storing and preparing breast milk bottles for me while she was at work.

After our day together my mommy felt more confident in her transition going back to work. I had a nice day with Ms. Christine and my mommy hired a nanny to take care of me now that she knew I would take a bottle.



Mother: Prior to the birth of my daughter by a second planned cesarean, I found myself extremely nervous and afraid that I would not be able to care for my 2 year old and newborn while recovering from the surgery. As a recently relocated military family, we did not have the help and support of family or close friends and I could not have asked for a better fill-in than Christine Moss. I utilized Christineʼs lactation/nursing knowledge and support from the first day my daughter was born. Christine was a vital factor in my ability to successfully breastfeed my daughter, assisting me with the pro-formula hospital staff, getting me through mastitis and proper latching and on the road to successful nursing! I honestly do not know if I would have been able to continue nursing without the support and specialized knowledge provided by Christine! As a post partum doula, Christine provided loving care for my family, from cooking and cleaning to entertaining a 2 year old and diapering the baby. Our toddler absolutely LOVES Christine, would cry for her when she left and was always excited to know Christine was coming over. Christineʼs help went beyond all my expectations and allowed me to embrace the new addition to our family with the comfort of her assistance. Christine was a true lifesaver for our family; we were so blessed to have her with us during this exciting time in our lives. I would refer Christine to all nursing mothers and families in need of an extra pair of hands.

Father: Christineʼs support gave me peace of mind that my wife had some assistance following the birth of our daughter when I wasnʼt able to be there. She allowed my wife and I to have some much needed alone time. I would refer her services.

Mother:  Before our 2nd child was born, I had my concerns for how to manage a newborn, toddler, and the rest of my life.  Then I learned about Christine Moss, so when our son came three weeks early we knew who to call.  She showed up on our doorstep as Mary Poppins, Tony Robins, “The Other Grandmother”, and lactation expert all in one.  She is a jack of all trades yet divinely placed in this role as  postpartum doula as she helped us with toddler bedtime routines, laundry, lactation issues, mother’s sounding wall, and much more!  If you are considering hiring Christine than do not delay!  I don’t know how we would have gotten along without her and could not have fathomed what a godsend she was going to be prior to hiring her!  Thank You, Christine!

Father:  We knew we were lost but we also knew the family that we wanted to create.  Christine is our guild to expeditiously make our family full of care, laughter and calm.  Thank you for being our children’s savant.

Baby girlComments from Mother:
She assisted with tips to help with baby’s “colic” crying and with breastfeeding and getting ready to return to work while breastfeeding. Her encouragement to us as parents that we are on the right track!! She assisted with an over supply and spraying issue about breastfeeding. She gave several suggestions and helpful tools. Giving us encouragement to give us confidence.

Comments from Father:
Giving us encouragement that we are on the right path and doing things “right”.

Comments from Mother and Father:
What would you suggest  Christine work on to improve her support?
Nothing, just keep up the good work!

Baby boyComments from Mother:
Christine helped with breastfeeding re-evaluation. She was a helping hand and listener.

Comments from Father:
Loved the ability to spend some time with my wife while feeling very comfortable while my son was being cared for. Christine was great.  She helped my wife shop, care for our son and even cooked!




TwinsComments from Mother:
Christine provided support and encouragement when I had trouble getting my milk to come in after I had the twins. She helped me with the logistics of breastfeeding and caring for two babies which was quite overwhelming at first. She not only provided knowledge and insight into raising newborns, but was also great company in those early days being stuck in the house. And I was always grateful for the extra pair of hands to help with the girls. Her assistance made our parental transition go much smoother.

Comments from Father:
What was the most valuable aspect of the doula’s support?  Spending time with my wife and being there for her.


 Comments from Mother:
Ms Christine was so nice and helpful.  She helped me out a lot with breastfeeding and taught me so much.  She was really nice with my 4 year old son playing and spending time with him.  She helped me around the house.

Comments from Father:
I’m so glad Ms Christine was there to help out when I couldn’t be there.  She gave our daughter’s mom sometime to rest and she helped her out a lot.



Mother’s comment: 

Having the extra support from Christine as we transition into our new life as parents has been a blessing.